From The Editor | March 8, 2017

Ensuring End-To-End Digital Transformation


By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief

Digital transformation

Our friend, Miya Knights, global retail technology director at Planet Retail, in partnership with Digimarc, just released an insightful report titled, “Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Retail IT Therapy.” In her report, Knights explains the importance of harnessing digital transformation in omni-channel retailing. She writes, “Only through the digital modernization of their own automated systems will retailers truly be able to grow sales efficiently and enrich shopper engagement effectively at any and every physical and digital touch point.” The ultimate point of the report is to inform retailers about digital AIDC innovations to bolster customer-facing, operations, loss prevention, and supply chain efficiencies. The report’s key takeaways advise retailers to focus on omni-channel profitability, treat the store as a major part of the omni-channel proposition, and digitally transform their businesses. In addition, the report provides rich quantifiable data about digitization’s impact on retail.

Indeed, Knights succinctly highlights the following with regard to retailers’ top 5 strategic priorities — all of which point to digital transformation...