Case Study

Fashionphile Expands International Reach And Grows Sales With PayPal

Source: PayPal

One woman’s used designer bag is another woman’s beloved new addition. No one knows this better than Sarah Davis, a fashionista who has been expanding women’s purse collections without deflating their wallets since 1999.

From struggling student to enterprising entrepreneur.

In 1999, Sarah Davis and her husband were broke graduate students struggling to pay their bills. While walking through the mall one afternoon, Sarah overheard a woman say she was selling used blankets on eBay– a site Sarah had never heard of before. Intrigued by the idea of bringing in some extra income, Sarah started selling some of her own items on eBay and found that handbags were the most successful sellers.

Sarah Davis’s Fashionphile has grown to be the largest reseller of designer handbags in the United States.

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