Magazine Article | January 19, 2012

Finding A POS While A Deadline Looms

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

February 2012 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Bob Johns, associate editor

With only a 12-month window, Alltel Wireless implemented a new POS and billing system chainwide.

When Allied Wireless Communications Corporation (AWCC) purchased Alltel’s assets in April 2010, it had a 12-month window to migrate Alltel legacy subscribers from Verizon’s platform to their own. Verizon purchased the former Alltel Wireless and was required by the FCC to divest itself of many of the subscriber territories due to antitrust laws. AWCC purchased the subscribers and licensed the Alltel Wireless brand.

As a start-up, AWCC did not have a platform for its own POS, inventory, and billing. As part of the transaction, AWCC paid Verizon to host these customers on the old platform during the service agreement. However, at the end of the service agreement these legacy subscribers needed to be migrated to Alltel’s system.