Magazine Article | January 24, 2011

Partner Perspective: FMI: Moving Forward In 2011

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine

As I Enter My Second Six Months Here At The FMI (wow, how time flies), I am getting the sense that real change is looming; not only in our industry, but also within FMI. My colleagues and I are working on a number of exciting initiatives, and there are even a few new projects planned as we move into 2011. Here are a few highlights:

Asset Protection: Drawing on the expertise of the newly created Asset Protection Council, FMI has reenergized and refocused its asset protection efforts. This effort includes the creation of a number of new committees, such as Risk, Insurance & Safety, Event Planning, Education & Research, and Homeland Security, which will provide valuable input and guidance to FMI's programs around asset protection, risk management, safety issues, and improved industry education offerings.