Magazine Article | February 15, 2012

Four Ways To Optimize The Customer Experience At The Point Of Sale

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

March 2012 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Ket Venethongkham, director of training, Retail Pro International, LLC

Leverage the best of today’s technology to deliver an exceptional shopping experience at checkout, and you’ll reap the rewards of increased customer retention, loyalty, and profits.

Despite the steady growth of online and mobile shopping, a majority of people still prefer to drive down to the local shopping complex so they can order a double half-caff latte from the local coffeehouse before trying on some jeans.

Given this reality, it’s vital that brick-and-mortar retailers focus on delivering a convenient and satisfying shopping experience, and their efforts should not stop at the register. POS remains a critical touch point between the retailer and the customer. What happens here has a lasting impact — good or bad — on the developing customer relationship. By leveraging the many built-in POS features of modern retail management software, the retailer can make sure the impact is positive and the customer returns happily.