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Grocery Chain Achieves Goal: The Right People, At The Right Place, At The Right Time

Source: Ceridian Dayforce

This case study from Ceridian Dayforce takes a look at Longo Brothers Fruit Markets (Longo’s), a premium grocery chain known for its high quality food and great service. Longo’s operates 19 stores with approximately 3,500 employees and has been named by the Financial Post as one of Canada’s Top 50 privately-managed companies for eight consecutive years. Longo’s understands the importance of workforce management to achieving its goals of delivering high quality service within its budgeted labor constraint.

Recent growth across three business lines has caused Longo’s to look for a way to support continued growth in an environment of fierce competition. They identified the capacity to deploy their people as effectively as possible as fundamental to maintain and improve margins because as with most retailers, human capital is the company’s largest controllable expense.

Longo’s current workforce solution presented significant hurdles to building the functionality they required. Existing tools were both difficult for managers to use, and expensive for IT to integrate and manage. Employee, organizational, and user data were duplicated across multiple systems, including an Oracle-based HR database, a Kronos Time & Attendance system, and manual spreadsheets.

“As we searched for a new workforce management and HR solution, our top needs included usability for our managers, easier systems administration for IT, and scalability to meet future growth,” says Dave Mastroieni, vice president of Store Operations, Longo’s. “We were also interested to find something that would enable us to reduce our IT spend.”

Download this Ceridian Dayforce case study below to read more.

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