Guidelines For Contributing Editorial

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What’s the best way to contribute content to be published on one of your sites?” The answer is pretty straightforward: create content that will be incredibly valuable for our users. To that end, however, we have developed some submission guidelines to help you better understand exactly what we’re looking for.

The Basics

  • The ideal length of a submitted article is between 800 and 1,000 words.
  • The content must be original. If the article has been published on another site or in print, it will not be considered.
  • The article can’t promote — directly or indirectly — a company, product, or service.
  • Be sure to include the author’s information (e.g. brief bio, title, and headshot).
  • Prior to publishing, we reserve the right to edit any submission in an effort to meet length requirements, improve readability, and/or optimize web traffic.

Style Considerations

  • Our readers are professionals within any size retail company whose job function plays a role in the supply chain operations, retail operations, loss prevention, or IT for that retailer. Make sure the topic of your article is valuable to this audience (e.g., Defining the customer journey in such a way it leads to improved customer expectations and a better customer experience. Identifying and prioritizing business-changing initiatives. Optimizing supply chain for business efficiency and improved customer experience. Hiring, retaining, and training the workforce in a notoriously high-turnover industry. Security threats, both physical and cyber. Technology disruptions and innovation that are changing — and will change in the future — the retail business model. Positioning a company to sell globally and overcoming the problems of competing globally.).
  • Your article should include actionable information. Ideally, your article should force readers to take action, rethink a current position, or dive deeper into a topic.
  • Our readers are busy people. You need to grab their attention by breaking your article into shorter, digestible paragraphs. Also, include headings within the article to draw attention and break-up the piece.
  • Come up with a great headline. It’s the first thing readers see of your article. It has to engage them and drive readers to learn more. An effective technique can be to write the headline before you actually write the article.

For more information or to submit your content, please contact Digital Editorial Director, John Oncea,