Case Study

Hooters Eliminates Need To Issue New Swipe Cards Or PINs During Peak Hours

Source: DigitalPersona / Crossmatch

Hooters of America, LLC based in Atlanta, Georgia, operates and franchises more than 450 Hooters causal dining restaurants in 28 countries. Everyday, nearly 4,000 Hooters employees conduct transactions, as well as clock in and out for their shifts. Facing increasing concerns with its traditional PIN and swipe card security system, Hooters turned to Crossmatch for a biometrics-based solution to strengthen their loss prevention efforts, improve productivity and reduce transaction and payroll fraud.


Loss prevention is one of the biggest concerns for restaurateurs. Hooters’ traditional PIN and swipe card sign-in methods increased the opportunity for employees to commit transaction and payroll fraud. PINs can be shared or forgotten. Swipe cards can be stolen, left at home, lost or given to unauthorized individuals.

Managing and tracking unauthorized voids was particularly challenging for Hooters, given the lack of transparency with the PIN and swipe card security system. Hooters needed a way to tie each transaction to individuals and ensure manager oversight when necessary. The restaurant also wanted a more accurate means of accounting for employee time and attendance. With PINs and swipe cards, employees can clock in for each other—known as “buddy punching.”