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How Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Can Win The Omnichannel Battle

Source: Motorola Solutions

This white paper from Motorola Solutions takes a look at the recent trend of forward-looking retailers to integrate the worlds of in-store and online shopping, communications, and sales through the use of wireless mobile technology. Mobile smartphones, tablet computers, texting, and social media combined with savvy e-tailers have created a major challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers. Retailers are, however, beginning to fight back through new and innovative uses of the information provided by their wireless networks.

Omnichannel sales are all about service, not you or your store, but about the customer and their experience in your store. Enhanced services through unique omnichannel solutions can delight customers and provide an improved and valuable experience compared to just online shopping. Engagements with customers should be unique and memorable and combining the face-to-face advantage of in-store with the online world in unique and innovative ways helps to create these moments for customers. By serving customers better instead of selling them harder you will make more sales, increasing revenue and creating more customer loyalty.

Here is a brief excerpt from this white paper describing a customer experience:

Jenny enters a high-end department store and logs on to the retailer’s guest access WiFi network and mobile application, which she uses to find the location of the women’s dress department. The network immediately alerts a sales associate to meet her and she helps Jenny find the perfect dress. At the same time, the store sends Jenny’s smartphone a coupon for half-off a pair of shoes. The associate introduces a selection of heels to go with the dress she selected.

Jenny likes a pair and decides to buy them. Unfortunately, the right color isn’t in stock in her size, so the associate uses her device to find that the right size and color are available in another store location, and arranges to have the shoes sent to Jenny’s home.

Download this white paper to read more about omnichannel retailing and creating a unique and memorable experience for customers with wireless mobile technologies on your mobile network.

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