Guest Column | November 24, 2021

How Digital Signage Helps Retail Store Owners Capture Customers' Attention?

By Grace Eva

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Digital signage can be a great software to promote retail customers’ shopping experience. Check out this blog, to know best practices of using digital signage to improve retail customers’ shopping experience.

Getting the attention of the customers of your retail store isn't as hard as it was before! How so? With the help of digital signage, you can grab and hold the attention of your customers.

You can transform the customer experience with digital signage and increase sales. Customers in a rush would stop to see your content on the digital signage and purchase from you. Customers who are already buying from you will add more products to their carts.

Using digital signage is the best way to market your products and brand offline. So here, we have discussed some of the best types of content you can share on digital signage.

7 Ways You Can Capture Your Retail Store Customer's Attention With Digital Signage

Share Social Media Feed On Digital Signage

Social media feed is one of the most effective ways to get customers' attention in retail stores. You can display the interactive and branded content you share on your social media channels (be it in the form of tweets, videos, posts, etc.) on your digital display. Social media aggregator tools will help you collect the feed from all your social media platforms and show filtered content on digital signage. It also will bring your in-store customers to your social media platforms, boosting your social media presence.

Show UGC To Build Brand Authority

Using Social Media Aggregator Tools like Taggbox will help you collect content created by your customers. Displaying UGC on your retail store's digital signage display will show your new customers that you are popular in the market and a trustworthy brand. It will ultimately build brand authority.

Share Reviews

You can share customer reviews on your retail store's digital signage display screen. It will show your customers that the products you sell are of good quality and people who have purchased from your store have been satisfied with them. Using social media aggregator tools, you can collect online reviews from different platforms.

Attract Customers With Sale Offers, Giveaways, Discounts, And Freebies

Who doesn't love offers that give more products for less money! Show your exciting offers on digital signage, and people will come running to your store. Such offers act as bait and entice customers to buy more than they intended to, thus increasing your sales.

Display Your Best Selling/Newly Launched Products

Displaying products on retail digital signage will help you attract the attention of your customers toward those products. You also can add the product details of these products and attract your customers to buy them with a good CTA and offer. You can showcase your best-selling products or any newly launched products on digital signage.

Show Contest Alerts And Winners

People love participating in contests and winning gifts, so you can channel their excitement toward your contests and give them free products or discount cards. Digital signage is an excellent way to inform all your customers about the live contests at once. You also can add the profiles of the winners of the last contests on the digital screen.

Share Your Brand Story

Most customers who buy from your brand won't know much or anything at all about your brand. But you can change that with the help of digital signage. You can present your showreel and brand story on your digital signage. Sharing your brand story with your customers will help you build a personal connection with your customers. They will recognize your brand with your story, not just the products. It will help you increase customer loyalty and retention.

Why Using Digital Signage Is Beneficial For Your Retail Store?

Digital signage is an effective marketing tool and will offer you so many benefits. Some of the main benefits of using it in your retail store are:

  1. Easily update and modify content: Since this offline marketing method uses completely digital technology, you can easily edit the content you are displaying on the screen. Other offline marketing tools don't give you such liberty to change the marketing material. Digital signage will save you time and costs.
  2. Improve customers' purchasing decisions: By attracting your customers with your product details and offers, you can influence their purchasing decisions in your favor.
  3. Reuse social media content: Your creative social media content doesn't have to stay just there as you can reuse it and display it on your digital signage.
  4. Engage your customers: Most customers in retail stores only come to buy things and then leave, but with content displayed on the screen, you can engage them for longer.


You are limiting your business growth if you haven't used Digital Signage in your retail store till now. Start with a digital signage subscription and social media aggregator tool to create and display engaging content for your in-store customers. It will boost your sales, increasing your revenue exponentially.

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