Article | March 15, 2016

How Does Speed At Checkout Influence Consumers?

Source: Cayan
Checkout Speed

With all the talk of new payment options and omnichannel support, it's clear that businesses have an increased focus on satisfying customers at the point of sale. However, for all that technology and innovation, there's one rule that hasn't changed: a lack of speed kills.

Everyone's waited at a checkout counter at one point or another. Whether it's because there was a rush at the store during a sale or the clerk experienced technical trouble, consumers are always frustrated by delays. Although it might seem like a mere inconvenience, it could actually lead to lost sales and poor relationships with customers. Moreover, if that's allowed to become a long-term issue, a merchant's reputation would suffer.

According to data found on RetailCustomerExperience, 50 percent of customers avoid businesses with wait times over five minutes. Furthermore, almost half of respondents said that they don't go to businesses where one of their acquaintances had a long wait.