White Paper

How Multi-Location Organizations Can Overcome Two Network Obstacles To Innovation

Source: EarthLink
Network Optimization

Entering her favorite clothing store, Sherri receives a message from the store’s loyalty app: Her favorite brand of jeans is on sale. The store knows her purchase history well. She goes to the jeans section and finds her size is not in stock. No problem — she uses the app to order online at the sale price. Sherri expected a good customer experience, and that’s exactly what she got.

Retailers and other organizations that serve customers at multiple locations face growing pressure to improve customer experiences across all channels — mobile, online, social, phone, and in-store. Sherri’s experience illustrates one chain’s innovative ability to deliver a superior experience by linking mobile, online and in- store channels.

At many organizations, however, innovation is being stifled by deficiencies in network infrastructures. Uncorrected, such flaws might cause a business to lose customers like Sherri, who will tolerate no less than a great customer experience.

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