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How Retailers Can "Drive" A Better In-Store Customer Experience

Source: Reflexis Systems, Inc.
In-Store Customer Experience

Automotive technology developments have given us steady advances in performance, safety, and the overall driving experience. Retailers can apply similar technology to improve associate performance, customer safety, and the overall in-store shopping experience.

What advances in the automotive industry can teach us about automation in retail operations

Over the course of the past 30 years, there have been incredible technological advances in the automotive industry. Much of that technology manifests itself in a user interface that’s within inches of — if not directly attached to — the steering wheel. Without taking their eyes off the road, today’s drivers can make and receive phone calls, listen to their favorite music, set cruise control, monitor key indicators regarding maintenance, fuel economy, and tire pressure, and a whole lot more. The combination of automation and intuitive user controls found in modern vehicles has become something few of us can live without.