News | July 16, 2013

InComm Launches New In-Store Digital Sales Program To Dramatically Expand Retailers' Product Offering

Program empowers consumers to purchase digital products conveniently at trusted retailers in-store

ATLANTA – InComm, a leading prepaid product and transaction services company, announced the launch of its in-store digital sales program. The program allows retailers to expand their prepaid offerings into brand new product categories like downloadable music, ebooks, digital gift cards and many others by providing consumers a convenient and safe way to purchase these digital products at trusted brick-and-mortar store locations.

These digital products are offered through a retailer-branded mobile website and are easily accessed from the customer’s mobile device while in-store and discovered via point-of-purchase marketing materials.

The process is simple: a customer browses a prepaid display and spots signage offering digital content. Then, they text a short code, enter a URL or scan a QR code found on that signage that promotes and explains the digital program. The customer lands on a retailer-branded mobile web page for the digital product they are interested in. Once the consumer selects a product to purchase, a barcode is displayed on the phone, the consumer presents it at checkout, and it’s scanned by the cashier like any other merchandise. Another screen tap provides the option to save the digital product on the customer’s mobile device or send it via email as a gift. To see a demo, click here.

“Today’s consumers are almost always equipped with their mobile phones while shopping at our retail partners’ stores, and we are always looking for innovative ways to help retailers turn consumers’ interests and behaviors into increased sales,” said Thomas Cornelius, Senior Vice President, InComm In-Store Digital Solutions. “Giving customers instant access to an expanded catalog of traditional digital prepaid products, as well as adding purchasing options for categories like music, movies and books as virtual consumption of those products rises, is one way retailers can expand their product offering, stay relevant and continue to serve as a one-stop shopping destination.”

Through the program, retailers are able to carry an extensive inventory of digital prepaid cards, even if they do not offer the physical versions as part of their prepaid display. Other benefits of the program include safeguarding against out-of-stock conditions, providing multiple price points or denominations, offering an easy and immediate digital gifting solution and limitless promotional opportunities.

InComm’s retail partners can expand their product offering instantly without any changes to the existing POS system, enabling them to use the entire brick-and-mortar location to make purchasing easy for shoppers who enjoy digital goods such as games, movies, music and books while saving on costs incurred when stocking in-store products.

The program opens InComm’s retail sales capabilities to new partners for digital products and provides existing card partners benefits too—both can gain exposure in new markets by entering stores that may not carry their physical prepaid products. Or, they can add to a current offering with additional denominations. Product partners who are interested in expanding the sale of their digital products into retail locations can submit a request to

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