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Provide a Better Self-Service Experience ... with Fewer Clicks and Lower Costs.

Did you build an employee portal – but no one came? For many employers, HR portals have not met expectations. That’s because most portals contain out-of-date, static information – most of which isn’t relevant to an employee’s immediate need. And, information is not integrated to transactions. When employees can’t get the info they need – and then complete a transaction seamlessly – they give up and call HR.

To create a truly dynamic portal that employees will use – as Tier 0 response – it is critical to apply a personalized, searchable Knowledgebase that helps provide relevant information – with intuitive links to other related content – and in context to the transaction the employee is trying to complete. That’s why so many employers are turning to Infor’s HR Portal/ Knowledgebase. Infor Portal/Knowledgebase is an online, one-stop shop for all workforce communications and decision support. It’s personalized, so employees only see information that pertains to them. Powerful search makes relevant information never more than 2-clicks away.

And because Infor maintains the content, it’s up-to-date, accurate, and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations – freeing your HR resources for more strategic tasks.

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