White Paper

Inside Cash Recycling's Time, Money-Saving Major Upgrades

Source: FireKing Security Group
Cash Management For Dealers

Cash remains as relevant in retail as it has ever been. Although slowly declining as a percentage of point-of-sale transactions, the amount of cash in circulation continues to grow in the United States. Managing this growing volume of cash remains problematic, as there are widely known cash handling challenges facing retail operations today. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Shrinkage due to internal theft
  • Daily cash handling time investments from both attendants and managers
  • Constantly managing the timing of deposits
  • Inaccurate accounting and human error
  • Having readily available cash funds for larger payouts (lottery, check cashing)
  • Bank, cash pickup, and change order fees
  • Lack of visibility of consolidated cash management data
  • Security risk

Cash recycling is positioned to address these challenges and represents the next evolutionary step in cash management. A cash recycling solution offers many more benefits and features over that of standard deposit and dispensing solutions offered in previous generations.