Magazine Article | April 19, 2017

Inside Lionel's Omni-Channel Growth

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief

Here’s how an improved e-commerce strategy fueled the legendary train maker’s growth in just four months.

Lionel, the model train maker, is one of the most iconic brands of all time. Much has changed since the No. 5 electric locomotive appeared in 1903. For instance, in the 1960s, Lionel had lost its founder, Joshua Lionel Cowen, the U.S. was undergoing social upheaval, and the idealized image of Lionel railroading no longer fit in. Cut to today, and Lionel is stronger and more popular than ever among serious model railroaders, due in part to an increased digital presence and success with branded and licensed partners, such as NASCAR. In order to maintain steady growth and deliver the best possible customer experience, Rick Gemereth, Lionel’s CIO, explains how a strategic focus on e-commerce has helped the company surpass its goals.