Article | April 13, 2020

It's Official: The October 2020 Outdoor EMV Deadline Remains. How Does That Impact You?

By Bethany Allee, Cybera

Consumer EMV Knowledge

The COVID-19 pandemic has been front-and-center in the global news cycle for the past few months, and the impact continues to permeate our daily lives. But we’ve recently seen a specific piece of industry news that will have profound implications for all fuel and C-store retailers: The Outdoor EMV deadline.

Despite all the business disruption and challenges created by the pandemic, it now appears that the existing October 1, 2020, Outdoor EMV liability shift deadline will remain in effect.

That decision didn’t stem from a lack of effort by industry advocates, however. Fuel retailer organizations such as NACS have lobbied for an extension to the Outdoor EMV deadline, but the major credit card companies have been hesitant to make a change.

On April 6, Visa officially denied the delay request, stating that it was still too soon to determine whether a delay of the liability shift would be necessary.

With the deadline still set for October, it’s extremely important to get started on your Outdoor EMV implementation. So, let’s break down what that means:

  • What is the potential impact to your business?
  • What steps can you take now?
  • How can Cybera help?

What Is The Potential Impact To Your Business?

We are now less than six months away from the deadline. Six months! The first question to answer is, “Are you ready for that deadline?”

If you haven’t already scheduled partners to help you make the transition to Outdoor EMV, you might now face a longer wait than expected. Although fuel retailers and C-stores have been classified as essential businesses in the U.S., many businesses remain shuttered or face “stay-at-home” restrictions. That means some vendors and technicians might not even be able to visit your sites—creating an even larger backlog for services.

Those are just the hurdles you face in updating your facilities to support Outdoor EMV. But what’s the downside of not meeting the deadline? Your primary threat is the higher risk of fraud, charge-back fees, and potential fines.

What Steps Can You Take Now?

It all starts with your network. Preparing your network and related IT systems is critical for Outdoor EMV. Without the right network and vendors, you face a major uphill battle.

Working with experienced vendors that have already performed thousands of upgrades can streamline your transition—a huge benefit when you’re under such a tight deadline. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Check with your brand (if applicable) and order the specific recommended CyberaONE Platform-based solution ASAP.
  2. Start planning now to prepare your team, your network, and any related systems to avoid any delays and complications.
  3. Install the CyberaONE Platform in advance of your Outdoor EMV rollout.

Deploying a secure, agile network will give you a solid foundation before you start updating your fuel pumps for Outdoor EMV.

How Can Cybera Help?

With so many of us working under “stay-at-home” conditions, the ability to support remote operations has become more important than ever—and it could make the difference in your ability to meet the October 1 deadline.

The good news is Cybera is well-versed in providing remote assistance, and our offerings are ideally suited for this modern approach to technology:

  • The cloud-based CyberaONE Platform is designed specifically for highly distributed businesses with multiple remote sites.
  • Zero-touch provisioning and remote configuration of Cybera edge devices greatly simplifies your initial installation and setup with the CyberaONE platform.
  • The CyberaVUE Management Portal enables you to perform remote multi-site monitoring, troubleshooting, and issue resolution from a central location.
  • Cybera-managed network functions remove the technology burden from both your corporate IT staff and remote site employees.
  • Automated software updates help ensure consistency and standardization to increase security across your entire network.
  • The award-winning Cybera Service and Support team are experts at delivering all the help you need from afar.

If you’re already set up (or well on your way) for Outdoor EMV, that’s great. But if you’re among the majority of fuel retailers that still face the deadline with uncertainty…do not worry. You’re not alone.

With a sense of urgency, solid planning, smart decision making, and the right technology partners, there’s still time for you to meet the October deadline!

If you want to get started right away, contact a Cybera Solution Architect.

About The Author

As Executive Vice President of Marketing at Cybera, Bethany Allee is an accomplished business leader of global and regional marketing organizations. Allee has a deep commitment and passion for developing female leaders and for the arts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and resides in Austin, TX.