Magazine Article | July 26, 2011

Case Study: Labor Law Compliance Mitigates Big Risks

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Matt Pillar, Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine

California's strict and complex labor laws are no trivial matter. Just ask the retailers who have shelled out millions of dollars to settle labor law disputes there. As other states cast labor law legislation in the California mold, more retailers will be challenged to develop systems that ensure labor law compliance and therefore mitigate the risks associated with committing erroneous violations.

As payroll and project manager at San Diego State University's Aztec Shops, Leah Messenger is familiar with the laws governing California's workforce. Aztec Shops employs 140 full-time and up to 900 part-time associates who staff the University's bookstores, c-stores, dining facilities, arena concessions, and that staple of large college campuses, Starbucks.