Article | April 22, 2013

Lessons From GlobalShop: Designing For The Customer Journey

Source: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.
Joe Holley

By Joe Holley, New Business Development Manager, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Frank Mayer and Associates wrapped up a successful GlobalShop retail show this week in the controlled environment of the McCormick Center while storms raged outside in Chicago. Our booth displayed a new look since many of our components were destroyed in a much more serious weather event, Hurricane Sandy, during the lead up to a different show in New York City.

Companies exhibiting at the show strategize about booth design like retailers strategize about store design and product merchandising. For exhibitors to have a successful show, they have to get attendees to “shop” or at least stop at their booth. For retailers that attend the show to succeed, they have to get consumers to stop at their store and shop their brands. Both call for designing spaces that are inviting and providing experiences that cater to what is important to customers. Call it designing for the customer journey.

People attend GlobalShop not only to connect on the show floor, but to be exposed to different points of view in the conference’s educational presentations. Not surprisingly, the concept of designing for the customer journey surfaced in at least two of the conference sessions available on Day 1 of the show.

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