News Feature | October 16, 2014

Macy's New Point-Of-Purchase Terminals Add To Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategies

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Brianna Ahearn, contributing writer

Macy's Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategies

Retailer Macy's has implemented several new initiatives to make customers' shopping experiences a bit easier, such as same-day shipping, Macy's Wallet, and a large-scale Shopkick beacon installation. Now Macy's is trying to make it easier for shoppers to browse in their store and make purchases without waiting in a checkout line. The retailer is currently testing a series of point-of-purchase (POP) terminals in the company's headquarters city, Cincinnati, Ohio. The new technology will let shoppers look to see if an item is actually in their current store, as well as check to see if nearby stores carry the product. The terminals can be used by both consumers and sales associates to showcase Macy's merchandise inventory. Once they locate the item they desire, customers can opt to purchase it online and have it shipped to their home.

Shoppers are able to use the POP terminals to look for items in their desired colors, sizes, and more. The technology expansion currently underway also includes “look book” terminals that offer examples of outfits created from clothing and accessories from Macy's inventory. Not only are these terminals helpful for customers to see how they can imagine themselves in an ensemble, but sales associates can also show merchandise to shoppers with a personal touch.

“Customers love it because it gives them suggestions, sizes and colors, and it's not necessary to work with an associate,” says Macy's store manager Orlena Shea.

At POP terminals stationed throughout the store, customers are able to scan in an item, such as a purse, and are displayed options such as other available colors for the item. Customers will also be recommended related items customers who purchased the purse enjoyed, and the terminal will display customer reviews. From there, shoppers are able to choose to purchase the item, and have it shipped to their home. All of this can be accomplished without consulting a sales associate or waiting in a checkout line.  The “look book” terminals are digital catalogs that are accessed on touchscreen kiosks, and customers can click on merchandise pictures for information. Testing of both the POP and look book terminals will now expand to Macy's New Jersey and Atlanta stores, based on the positive reception at the Cincinnati-area store.