Article | September 28, 2017

Manual Time Clocks Lead To Time Theft And Profit Loss

Source: Hubworks
Profit Loss

The Real Costs of Traditional Punch Clocks

Traditional punch clocks were the first time clock systems to be used to track employees time and attendance. They typically work this way: an employee punches in and out of work with a paper punch card. While they are simple to use, they do not protect businesses from time theft and profit loss. In the restaurant industry, this fact can be especially troubling, with employees working all different types of shifts, unlike a more traditional 9 to 5 scenario. Keeping track of time and attendance in the restaurant industry can be a real headache, especially if owners and operators are relying on outdated equipment.

Without an updated system, managers and employees get frustrated. There may be long lines of employees waiting to clock in at the beginning of a shift, or countless calls in to managers to confirm schedules and availability. In addition, with little accountability other than a manager’s memory, employees can get away with less-than-desirable behaviors.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, “In recent years significant changes in work place habits and technological advances have effected the manner in which time and attendance (T&A) reporting is accomplished. For example, more flexible work schedules and places, and the trend in government to streamline operations have provided a major impetus for changes in T&A systems. However, perhaps the most significant influence on these changes is advancing technology and the increased use of automation.”