Magazine Article | March 24, 2010

Research & Trends: Maximize Your Video Investment

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By King Rogers, Founder and Principal, King Rogers Group

Someone who should know recently told me that during the course of a day a big box retail store with about 35 – 50 cameras deployed throughout the store only capture about 10 minutes of video that is actually used. That "use" does not include the deterrent effect derived from overt camera placement. It only refers to live observation or archived recorded clips where a camera is actively utilized. It means that the retailer referenced is only using the cameras in a traditional way where a human is required to view the video. In my opinion, this is a significant underutilization of a capital asset and urgently needs to be addressed. It won't be long before CFOs will stand firmly in the way of the request from the head of loss prevention for additional budget for cameras.

Used with permission from Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine.