Guest Column | March 20, 2014

Merge The Physical And Digital With Order Management

Matt Rhodus, NetSuite Vertical Marketing Expert, ­ Retail

By Matt Rhodus, NetSuite Vertical Marketing Expert, ­ Retail

In today's omnichannel world, customers no longer differentiate between online and in-store experiences. To attract and retain today’s empowered shoppers, retailers must blend the physical and digital worlds into a seamless omnichannel commerce experience that offers buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return anywhere flexibility. 

Many retailers aim for that ideal, but are falling short in getting a product into the hands of the consumer where, when and how she wants it. The culprit: Disconnected processes for order and inventory management that obscure visibility into where inventory exists across a diverse back-office network.

Unless you can offer a product to customers without delay and frustration, you stand to lose customer confidence and drive business to the competition. You risk critical errors that invite unflattering critiques on social media, and your fulfillment costs soar because you rely heavily on manual processes.

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