Case Study

Midwest Photo Exchange Melds Brighter Profits With High-Speed Tasks

Source: nChannel

Many businesses share the same challenges as Midwest Photo Exchange (MPEX), but few surmount them as elegantly. This multi-channel, family-owned and operated retailer operates nine lanes in a 3,000 square-foot store. It sells nearly 30,000 SKUs of photography, computing equipment, software, and audio-visual gear, of which 10,000 sell on its webstore. Amazon, eBay, mail order, phone sales, trade shows, commercial accounts, rentals, and used equipment attract additional revenue.

Through 25 years of growth, MPEX has stayed ahead of the fast- moving technologies it sells while retaining high levels of customer service that have built loyalty, an excellent online reputation and ongoing referrals. MPEX must reach hundreds of thousands of prospects, yet constantly help and educate individual customers. Thousands of monthly transactions propel the company into the top three percent of USA specialty camera retailers.

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