From The Editor | April 27, 2016

Miya Knights On The Digitally Enabled Shopping Journey


By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief

Digital Shopping

Every year, Innovative Retail Technologies publishes our Mobility Special Report, which takes a deep dive into the state of mobility in retail. In 2015, we partnered with Miya Knights, global research technology director at Planet Retail for our Mobility Special Report, in which she penned compelling content explaining why retailers must put the shopping journey and its delivery via mobile at the forefront of customer-facing strategic initiatives. Our readers devoured her insight, and as such, we partnered with Knights again for this year’s report. In her report, Knights details how mobile technologies enable meaningful customer experiences and how retailers must evolve to keep pace.

You’ll read two reports penned by Knights — the first tackles the state of mobile payments and the second educates retailers on how to harness the power of the consumer to create meaningful experiences. In her second report, The Era Of The Individual: Unleashing The Power Of ME,” Knights writes...