MobileLAN™Manager 2.0

MobileLAN™Manager 2.0
MobileLAN Manager allows IT managers to support mobile workers within their wireless network. It is an intuitive, scalable network software solution designed to manage Intermec access points. It allows IT managers to map, track and manage access points and devices throughout the wireless enterprise, ensuring availability and increasing network efficiency.

MobileLAN™ Manager 2.0 Features

  • No learning curve when changing operating systems
  • Bandwidth-efficient, event-driven architecture eliminates polling
  • Automated discovery process – provides a "device hit-rate" of 100%
  • SMTP email notification – instant notification of changes may be forwarded to pagers
  • No MIBs – No files to acquire, update, load or compile; they're built-in
  • Automatic translation of MIB values from numbers into English – even without MIB files
  • Problem isolation features built into the GUI – just double-click for more detail
  • Analysis of raw data when possible
  • Designed using proven network management standards

Advanced access point management
LAN™Manager enables IT managers of any experience level to support their wireless network like never before. A pure Java2 application that doesn't require expert knowledge of access points or MIBs, MobileLAN Manager is an intuitive, scalable network software solution designed to manage Intermec access points.

An efficient and accurate automated discovery process recognizes added or removed access points, changes in topology or status. This focused discovery method is more accurate and bandwidth-efficient compared with the previous "subnet ping before SNMP query" method.

MobileLAN Manager eliminates the delay of identifying network problems associated with polling. Working with the access point's event-driven notification method, MobileLAN Manager maintains real-time status on access points. It uses a comparative modeling process, which constantly tracks an access point's historical state and compares it to its current condition. This process allows changes in an access point's condition to be immediately known in MobileLAN Manager.

IT managers can now support network changes very quickly and accurately. Additionally, valuable bandwidth is saved and overall network efficiency is increased using this event driven notification method when compared to traditional polling processes. When an access point changes or is involved in an event, MobileLAN Manager logs the event and can optionally use SMTP email to immediately alert IT managers.

The email events can also be forwarded to pagers or phones outside of the network for even quicker response times. Using this advanced real-time notification, IT managers learn about network problems as they occur, enabling them to respond immediately, often before a problem is detected or reported by the end user. MobileLAN Manager maintains an ongoing status of access points and provides multiple views into the network. Management views include Enterprise (multiple LANs), LAN (single spanning tree), Access Point, and Station. Devices are displayed by IP address, MAC address, sysName, sysLocation, or a user-defined name. At any time, users can determine what end-devices are connected to any given access point, or to which access point a specific device is connected, making quick work of troubleshooting and problem isolation within the network.

LAN Manager provides comprehensive status reports with complete raw data and an assessment. When possible an analysis of the cause is also provided. Quick inquiry of access point, the LAN, or the entire enterprise network status is available with simple right-click and double-click features on the tree. MobileLAN Manager is part of the comprehensive family of MobileLAN wireless products.