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MultiSight's Health Monitoring Delivers Unprecedented Manageability

Source: MultiSight by Schneider Electric
Health Monitoring

By Steve Mitchell, Director of Engineering, MultiSight

One of the many values that MultiSight provides is manageability.  To us, manageability means the ability to keep stores online at all times, even if a customer has hundreds of sites with thousands of cameras and recorders.  Our MultiSight Gateway is designed with manageability in mind, and system health monitoring is an important part of that.

With other camera systems or digital video recorders (DVRs), the equipment might quietly malfunction or be otherwise disabled without anybody noticing until some time has elapsed and somebody attempts to access the video.  By then it may be too late.

When we designed MultiSight, we knew it needed to be reliable and quick to access, in order to be practical for operational usage–augmenting or replacing a visit to the store.   Retail managers need to spend their time and energy managing operations at their stores, not trying to figure out why they can’t get access to video.  If remote spotchecking of stores is to be a daily practice, a manager needs to be able to pull a mobile device out of his pocket, click a button, and see the store’s video. If the video is not there when he looks for it, that manager will be less likely to try again in the future — and much less likely to rely on MultiSight as a vital tool in his operations management toolbox.

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