Magazine Article | March 26, 2012

MVaaS Extends The Value Of Video

Source: Envysion Inc.

April 2012 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Matt Pillar, Editor In Chief

When managed as a service, video becomes accessible to multidisciplinary users across the entire enterprise.

Historically, video footage has been kept in locked server rooms, accessible only to the retail gumshoes. Today, video offers value to users across the enterprise, and enabling access to and usage of video data is becoming a differentiator. Here, Envysion VP of Product & Marketing Carlos Perez explains why managed video as a service (MVaaS) might be the vehicle to that end.

The idea that managed video as a service can improve profits 10% to 15% bears substantiation. What drives that improvement?

Perez: Let’s start with what is at the core of our value creation. Retailers can improve decision making and profitability by arming employees across their entire organizations with the instant, unfiltered visual context of what’s actually happening in their stores. MVaaS connects easy-to-use video with critical business data, like POS, to provide actionable insights to drive profitability.