News Feature | February 3, 2015

Neiman Marcus Announces Interactive Retail Tables In Three Stores

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Brianna Ahearn, contributing writer

On the heels of Neiman Marcus debuting their new smart mirrors in several pilot stores, the luxury department goods retailer has a new technology aimed at helping customers shop more effectively.  The retailer has partnered with technology company T1Visions to create three interactive retail tables. Neiman Marcus has installed the tables, known as inTouch Interactive Tables, in three stores located in Chicago, Austin and Topanga.

The new tables feature a 32'' Ultra High-Definition 4K touchscreen covered by a pane of glass, and run on the T1Visions software, OneShop. OneShop allows customers to browse on the touchscreen  and page through the complete Neiman Marcus inventory to look at items currently located in the store or available out-of-store. The retail tables are now located in each store's shoe salon, where they can be used by customers to view inventory. The technology lets shoppers see what Neiman Marcus has to offer without searching on their mobile device while in-store. However, the tables are a good sales tool for associates, because they can show shoppers merchandise suggestions, showcase the new trends, and more. OneShop features a recommendation engine which provides recommendations on products based on consumer's searches, and customers using the interactive tables are able to add items to a “My Favorites for Wishlist,” which is emailed to the shopper.

Like the smart mirrors Neiman Marcus is currently testing, the interactive tables are a way for customers to have a connected experience while in-store. Store associates are able to to access an updated inventory to see what's on-hand in the store, and also see what's set to arrive later. Neiman Marcus' Innovation Lab worked with T1Vision to build a custom setup that worked for the retailer's needs. Measuring 70'' long, 34'' tall, and 26'' wide, the interactive tables feature an elegant construction that matches the overall design scheme of the stores.  The end product was a new technology that could transition seamlessly into Neiman Marcus stores.

 “The iLab worked hand in hand with T1Visions to build a solution that marries form and function. The result is easy to use, leverages state of the art technology, and provides clients and associates with unbridled access to product,” says Scott Emmons, Neiman Marcus Enterprise Architect and iLab Manager.

Neiman Marcus made the announcement for the interactive tables via press release on their website earlier this month, and will continue to work with T1Visions to test and refine the OneShop software for their needs. The technology was also on display at the NRF Big Retail Show in New York this month. The retailer's vision for the future of the tables is use them for point of sale,  enhancing the software to include conducting transactions. Neiman Marcus will likely place the tables in more stores after watching how they perform in the three test stores.

“Whether it’s a product in another store location or from our online inventory, our goal is to provide customers with omnichannel access to the best merchandise in the world,” says Wanda Gierhart, CMO of Neiman Marcus Group. “With our touch tables, we deliver another layer of exceptional customer service.