Magazine Article | May 6, 2010

Case Study: New DVR Technology Reduces Retail Shrinkage And Boosts Pep Boys Service Capabilities

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies
By Wendy Meyeroff

A lady comes in after New Year's and has her tires rotated. Around mid-March she returns with problems, but the team swears they've followed the service checklist. She's unhappy with the he said/she said scenario — and maybe you've lost a customer.

That's the kind of situation Jack Legorreta, director of asset protection at Pep Boys, doesn't like to see his company facing. Legorreta is in charge of monitoring and minimizing internal/ external shrinkage, auditing functions, and risk management functions at Pep Boys, an automotive retail supply and service chain with 582 stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. With over 87% of U.S. households owning a car, and with new car sales down more than 10%, it's no wonder outlets like Pep Boys, offering DIY resources and options for maintaining your car longer, are popular.