News | May 27, 2020

New Health And Safety Solutions From Indyme Solutions Slash Labor Costs And Provide Post-Pandemic Re-Use Utility

Technology innovations providing labor-free store traffic regulation, checkout queue automation, social distance messaging, and contact-free curbside pickup.

San Diego, CA /PRNewswire/ - Retailers face a myriad of challenges to assure staff and shoppers of a safe experience during this reopening and recovery phase. Initial store operating safety implementations, many of which are still in practice, require heavy ongoing labor investments to meet rapidly evolving health and safety regulations and social distancing protocols. As retailers settle into this "new normal", labor-saving solutions automating these processes and offering post-pandemic benefits are increasingly valued.

Indyme Solutions, a leading technology provider to the retail industry, responded to urgent inquiries from its customers by adding four new offerings focused on labor savings and re-use. Each solution meets customer requirements of being rapidly deployable, self-installable, low cost, and reusable for other needs after pandemic concerns subside.

"During this pandemic, retailers must juggle employee and customer safety, regulation compliance, liability concerns, and significantly higher labor costs, all while striving to maintain a comfortable in-store shopping experience," said Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme Solutions. "To support these efforts, we responded with creative solutions automating these new processes, reducing labor costs, and driving compliance with local codes and regulations. By adapting existing products to quickly deliver these solutions, we have ensured they can readily be re-purposed after the pandemic to deliver many of the Indyme applications already valued by our customers, providing a significant ROI boost."

Each of the four new Health and Safety solutions provide unique functionality to a specific retail operating process:

  • TrafficSafe™ ensures building occupancy does not exceed limits imposed for social distancing purposes. Vivid graphics on screens at store entrances indicate when arriving shoppers should wait and when they may enter -- all completely labor free! To maximize compliance and minimize labor, TrafficSafe can also be configured to notify store personnel when occupancy approaches capacity limits so a staff member can be stationed at the entrance only when needed. Capacity limits can be remotely adjusted and compliance statistics monitored chainwide.
  • BuySafe™ notifies store personnel when a customer arrives for curbside pickup. The customer indicates arrival by simply tapping an embedded link in their confirmation email; store personnel are then notified through existing store communications devices or via the store PA. BuySafe rapidly implements with minimal eCommerce system integration and can also notify store personnel of incoming online orders or aging online pick requests. Many retailers are concluding that the benefits of efficient curbside pickup will continue to be embraced by some shoppers long after the pandemic subsides.
  • ShopperSafe™ assures customers of store safety, an essential ingredient to sales recovery. Increasingly, employees tasked with enforcing local health ordinances encounter uncomfortable situations and even violent altercations. Indyme's ShopperSafe helps relieve employees of these awkward interactions by providing social distance and face covering reminder messages when and where needed. Though sporting the outward appearance of a security dome camera, ShopperSafe annunciates local audio messages that remind detected shoppers to wear face coverings and/or maintain social distancing. This self-installed battery-operated device easily mounts at store entrances and other customer cluster points. After the pandemic, ShopperSafe readily converts to an effective product protection loss prevention tool.
  • QueueSafe™ averts hazardous congestion near front end checkouts by providing a labor-free method automatically directing shoppers from a social-distance-compliant single queue to the next available cashier. QueueSafe self-installs in minutes and operates "out of the box." If single queueing is no longer used post-pandemic, QueueSafe components may be repurposed for cashier assistance requests or wireless shopper help buttons.

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About Indyme Solutions:
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