News Feature | September 23, 2014

Nordstrom Partners With Twilio To Enrich The Mobile Experience For Customers

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Megan Zielinski, contributing writer

Twilio Nordstrom Partnership

Nordstrom recognizes that a single picture speaks over a thousand words as they harness the power of imagery into customized texts delivered to mobile customers. In partnership with Twilio, software and cloud-based communications company, Nordstrom employees can now send real-time photos of trending pieces and attire to customers through MMS messaging with their standard 10-digit business phone number.

Before the launch, businesses sent multi-media messaging (MMS) communications mainly with a 5-digit number—a short code developed for mass-messaging and marketing. This process proved to be an inconvenience for companies as it is expensive, costing over $10,000 per year to maintain and takes months to install. Twilio is the only communications company to date, integrating MMS messaging onto basic ten digit U.S phone numbers. Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO, stated, "Now, by enabling the immediate, low-cost ability to send and receive pictures, videos and more via Twilio's APIs, we're excited to enable a new generation of rich media applications. We can't wait to see what customers build."

By allowing customers to visually experience products, Nordstrom anticipates heightened in-store and online traffic and increased sales, as the MMS text connects with customers on a personal level, sending images of products that pertain to their interests. MMS messages guarantees safety and security between mobile engagements—putting a face to a name, MMS provides a picture to confirm employee identity for who will deliver purchases, and other company services. MMS enables customers to upload pictures of their favorite Nordstrom items, for sharing with others and for a future buying reference. MMS also sends customers a replica of a paper receipt digitally to their mobile device. Nordstrom content can be promoted to all types of mobile devices with the new MMS communications, even basic phones without email or mobile app functions.

"As customers' definition of service evolves and technology rapidly changes, we need to offer a great experience that works for customers on their terms. Many customers have told us they prefer to connect with their salesperson by text messaging," said Scott Jones, vice president of personalization at Nordstrom.