Article | October 11, 2017

Now's The Time To Develop Your Ecommerce Packaging Strategy

Source: More from Less
Packaging Strategy

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Why is this important? 

A lot of companies say they are developing packaging for ecommerce shipping on an ad hoc basis, usually as Amazon specifically requests them to do so. But with the pace and scale of change happening in retail, no one can afford to wait to start thinking more systematically about how they’re shipping packages to consumers. Specifically:

  • 9 out of every $10 of FMCG retail growth is in ecommerce (Source: Nielsen)
  • Ecommerce damage is expected to total $6 billion a year, and return rates are more than double brick & mortar (Source: Ameripen) 

It’s reminiscent of this cartoon where the medieval battle chief says he doesn’t have time to see a salesman with a more powerful weapon, because he’s got a battle to fight.  Amended to reflect the situation with ecommerce.

This lack of a strategic approach is incredibly expensive in today’s competitive retail environment, where ecommerce margins are very thin, if not already negative.