News | October 7, 2010

Now You Can Scan And Pay For Items With Your Smart Phone Without Ever Waiting In Line


AisleBuyer, the first mobile self-checkout app, lets you scan items with your iPhone and pay by credit card – without waiting in line. No more hassles and lines at conventional or self-checkouts at stores when you go shopping. It will be available in the coming months for Blackberry and Android phones.

Anyone with an iPhone who enters a store powered by AisleBuyer simply needs to download the application from the iTunes App store. Once the iPhone camera scans the product bar code, shoppers can see product information, reviews and offers as they walk through the store. The patent-pending app will also provide a receipt.

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The firm's technology has been rolled out at Magic Beans, AisleBuyer's Massachusetts-based launch partner, and will soon be rolled out at a 150-store national retailer as well as category leaders in home improvement, office supplies, and wholesale clubs.

AisleBuyer, headquartered in Boston, was recently named a winner of the inaugural PepsiCo10, an incubator program that matches technology, media and communications entrepreneurs with PepsiCo brands for pilot programs set to launch in the coming months.

"The goal is to combine the best features from online shopping with the in-store experience," said Andrew Paradise, CEO of AisleBuyer. "In effect, we are turning smart phones into handheld cash registers and information kiosks, dramatically increasing both customer satisfaction and retail checkout efficiencies."

"As a retail company that serves parents, we are always on the lookout for new services and features that make life easier for our busy customers," said Sheri Gurock, Co-owner of Magic Beans. "This technology offers a more personalized shopping experience and allows us to provide our customers with the added convenience of self-checkout."

At the core of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant platform is a complete analytics package that reflects how consumers interact with products from scan to checkout. It provides retailers with demographic, geographic and behavioral analytics, including what products customers put back on the shelves, and also targets benefits previously available only to online retailers.

"Our retail partners can use this data to drive foot traffic through targeted, ‘location-aware' offers, reduce the number of ‘abandoned carts' through behaviorally targeted couponing, and even make better merchandising decisions," Paradise said.

He cited a study showing that nearly 70% of shoppers abandoned a purchase last holiday season at an average cost of $109 per shopper to the retailer.

Urbn (Urban Outfitters) CEO Glen Senk told the 2010 Annual Summit that the growing impact of mobile technology on retail would soon make cash registers obsolete. He said that retailers had tried to make their web sites as good as their stores; now they're trying to make aspects of the store experience as good as their web sites.

AisleBuyer's end-to-end mobile solution includes five modules:

  • Digital Circular - Sends timely "location-based" store offers to customers at no "per-message" cost to deliver increased foot traffic.
  • Smart Clerk - Provides UPC scan of products to deliver product information, reviews, and social shopping features.
  • Dynamic Couponing - Serves behaviorally targeted and timely "in-aisle" coupons to automatically cross-sell product categories and increase consumer conversion.
  • Self-Checkout System - Allows customers to complete the transaction and avoid long lines via a patent-pending smartphone-based mobile self-checkout feature linked to preferred credit cards and retailer loyalty programs.
  • Advanced Analytics - Provides retailers with unprecedented business intelligence and real-time behavioral metrics previously only available to online retailers. This data is critical to providing personalized offers, making better buying/merchandising decisions and identifying "high-value" shoppers.

About AisleBuyer
AisleBuyer unites the best features of both "bricks" and "clicks" retailing. A patent-pending mobile self-checkout system, it provides retailers with an end-to-end solution designed to increase sales, reduce costs and gain unprecedented analytical insight into in-store shopping behavior. A simple product scan provides consumers with valuable product info, targeted offers, and the first-ever mobile self-checkout option ... meaning they will never have to wait in line again.

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SOURCE: AisleBuyer