News | July 25, 2011

Omnego's Robust Mobile Wallet And Marketing Platform Goes Social


Omnego now delivers merchant coupons directly to mobile wallets from Facebook, Twitter, QR codes, email and SMS

Omnego recently announced that its mobile wallet and marketing platform now offers social media integration with coupon delivery direct to a mobile wallet app.

Omnego Inc.'s enterprise platform delivers a comprehensive white label mobile wallet with marketing functionality that is easy to implement and economical to maintain. Omnego's platform has the ability to issue digital cards, tickets, coupons and statement/invoice notifications, and to process in-app payments. Businesses can leverage their existing mobile web applications and other business platforms to create ongoing dynamic engagement with their mobile customers.

For merchants distributing special promotions to consumers, the Omnego enterprise platform can deliver mobile coupons that look and act like printed coupons but deliver much more functionality. Within the mobile wallet app, mobile coupons feature a front-and-back, barcodes for redemption, expiration dates, single use, a "share" feature, and the ability to link the coupon to other mobile web content. Coupons are also stored on the mobile device, so they are accessible even when the device is offline.

Omnego enables brands to distribute coupons in three ways:

  • Database: Omnego integrates with existing customer databases and CRM systems to send coupons direct to customers' mobile wallets. With SMS or email, coupons are delivered with a simple link where customers can "Click to Load to Mobile Wallet," store, and redeem their mobile coupons.
  • QR Codes: Omnego can quickly generate QR (Quick Response) codes for placement on merchants' print and digital marketing pieces to offer a mobile coupon and extend traditional marketing efforts into the mobile channel. Customers scan these QR codes to receive the mobile coupon, and their information is saved for the merchant's future marketing activities.
  • Social and Mass Media (Twitter, Facebook, QR codes, Email and SMS): Coupons are a leading driver of brand interactions across numerous social networks. Digital coupons posted to social networks via the Omnego platform allow consumers to "Click to Load to Mobile Wallet." For email and SMS campaigns, a link to "Load Mobile Coupon" allows the consumer to forgo printing while QR codes are loaded by scanning. Rather than having to print and carry physical coupons or search their inboxes to find coupons, Omnego allows shoppers to conveniently load, store and redeem coupons all from their mobile wallet app.

"Mobile couponing is a cost-effective way that brands can enable real-time distribution and location-targeting," says David Thomas, CEO, Omnego. "For businesses, this means more convenient collection, storage and redemption of coupons. The Omnego platform also gives businesses the opportunity to send mobile alerts to customers to ‘use it or lose it,' increasing chances of coupon redemption."

About Omnego Inc.
The Omnego enterprise software platform is easy to implement, configurable, practical, and secure, allowing businesses to reach their customers' smartphones and begin ongoing engagement. Launched in 2010, Omnego Inc. has created a comprehensive enterprise software platform for issuing digital cards, tickets, coupons, notifications and in-app payments to a mobile wallet app for an ongoing dynamic engagement with consumers in the mobile channel. With offices in the U.S and Canada, the Omnego solution is patent-pending and offers an integrated mobile solution that also delivers ads, messages, mobile web gateway, QR code (2D) publishing and scanning, product code lookup (1D), location based services and social media integration all from one software platform. Omnego offers a white label mobile wallet app as well as a generic mobile wallet solution called Walgo. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Omnego Inc.