Magazine Article | December 18, 2012

Omni-Channel Customer Strategy: More Sales, Better Service, Stronger Relationships

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

January 2013 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Jerry McNerney, senior director of enterprise marketing, Motorola Solutions

In order to be truly omni-channel, retailers must embrace mobility and consumer choice.

Today, “channel surfing” has a whole new meaning. Once associated exclusively with the annoying use of a television remote, it now defines how we shop. Before we reach for our wallet to make a purchase, we’ve already accessed retail websites, our social networks, and online product reviews to get information and validate our decision, a task made ever-so-convenient via the smart mobile technology that accompanies us wherever we go. This fundamental change in our behavior has left retailers scrambling to keep up with mobile demands. Developing a solid omni-channel strategy is critical to engaging the mobile-minded consumer and ultimately to increasing sales, delivering more responsive customer service, and building brand loyalty.