News | June 30, 2013

Online Point Of Sale Software SpotSync Checkout Is Designed For Touch

SpotSync Checkout Is an Online Point of Sale (POS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Inventory and Customer Management Solution for Retail, Quick Service and Restaurant Franchises

SpotSync LLC, based in Laguna Hills, Calif., has announced that SpotSync Checkout has been designed for touch. SpotSync Checkout is an online Point of Sale (POS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software solution for retailers, quick service and restaurant franchises looking to improve front-counter and back office operations. SpotSync Checkout tracks sales, manages inventory and enhances customer service by giving franchise owners reports about what products are selling and what customers really desire.

The new touch-enabled design lets users easily navigate and input information into the entire system with just a finger.  SpotSync Checkout’s large buttons make inputting information easier than ever for every type of user.  SpotSync Checkout was designed with the functionality to support older touchscreens, in addition to the new modern touchscreen interfaces that provide near pinpoint accuracy.  The overall design of the SpotSync Checkout touchscreen interface now has a streamlined, modern Windows 8 look and feel. Instead of small modal boxes to add and edit data, the user will now be presented with a cleanly designed, entirely fluid page that automatically adjusts to the user’s screen for the best optimal experience.

According to Michael Fitchett, CEO, “SpotSync Checkout was built with touch-enabled capability throughout the system, including both the front-end and the back-end.  Now there is no need to run and get a keyboard and mouse because a virtual keyboard is always readily available.”

SpotSync Checkout is a web-based application that continues to work while offline.  All data is being stored locally so changes that users make inside of the system are being pushed up to the cloud and then sent back down to other registers in real-time. Because each client has their own copy of the database, there is no single point of failure.

About SpotSync LLC
SpotSync LLC was established in Laguna Hills, Calif. to provide an innovative online, touch-enabled Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for multi-store retail, quick service and restaurant franchises. SpotSync Checkout lets franchises stay ahead of the competition by managing products and inventory, improving customer service and increasing profitability through real-time sales and performance reports. For more information, visit

Source: SpotSync LLC