OrderDynamics Dynamic Action | Decision Intelligence Application

Source: OrderDynamics Corporation

OrderDynamics INSIGHTS

Dynamic Action is a first-of-its-kind Decision Intelligence Application that analyzes data dependencies across a retailer’s organization and presents immediate, detailed actions to drive profitable growth across the business.

Many retailers are flying operationally blind when it comes to understanding the performance drivers and dependencies between marketing, merchandising, operations and finance. In order to be customer-centric, retailers need a unified view across the organization and, in many cases, that data is locked in functional silos.

Decision intelligence is the future of retail

We believe that retailers will only be successful going forward if armed with decision intelligence. No more reports. No more siloed thinking—just the confidence to take the right action with the highest impact to the business.

Better decisions every day

This first-of-its-kind Decision Intelligence application analyzes data dependencies across a retailer’s organization. Unlike any reporting or analytics tool to date, Dynamic Action pinpoints exactly what’s impacting profit, recommends specific actions to take, and ranks by potential profit to help prioritize tasks.

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