News | August 25, 2015

PayVue Illuminated Cash Drawer Lighting Up POS Transactions For Accurate And Speedy Results By Anne Gray Senior Product Manager MMF POS

Restaurants, bars, retail stores and the experts who envision them, work tirelessly to create environments that wow their patrons and keep them coming back.

Yet all too often, all that work and associated cost gets nixed after the first unveiling by practical concern; like the need for accurate and speedy POS transactions and good loss prevention management.

Research shows that lighting is linked to POS transactions*. When cash drawer users in low-light settings were asked about the impact of lighting on transaction accuracy and speed these were the results:

Of those who operate in low-light environments:

  • 83% find it difficult to perform accurate payment transactions
  • 82% find it hard to identify bill denominations
  • 75% felt illumination would help them provide more accurate and speedy cash transactions

Respondents also said that poor lighting makes it hard to prevent and track cash drawer theft.

Solutions to this problem usually entail illuminating POS stations with bright and often blinding desk lamps or ceiling spot lights so cashiers can see what they’re doing. Often that means going against the interior designer’s vision by altering the desired atmosphere and patron experience.

Now there’s a solution for accurate and efficient cash transactions in restaurants, bars, retail stores and other businesses where low-light ambiance is a key to success, but make cash transactions difficult.

The new PayVue Illuminated Cash Drawer from MMF POS uses an energy-saving LED light source to clearly light cash drawer contents for improved bill and coin identification and placement during transactions. The light comes on automatically when the drawer is opened, but can be easily switched off during the day if it’s not needed. Unveiled at RetailNOW 2015, PayVue was well-received as an innovative solution to an ongoing pain point for those who operate in low-light settings.

“PayVue will help speed up the payment process by making it easier to identify cash and coin and will also add a layer of loss prevention by strategically illuminating the area where cash is handled”, said Ivelisse Gomez, MMF POS’ New Product Development Manager who is credited with inventing the PayVue concept and, as an Electronics Engineer, brought it to market with a cross-functional team.

Designed with integrated LED lighting, patent-pending PayVue also features three media slots with one dedicated to an integrated LockIt secure cash drop compartment and both 12V and 24V models for seamless integration with existing or new POS terminals or printers.

For those who design compelling and inviting low-light environments, business owners, loss prevention and POS professionals, the relationship between lighting and POS transactions requires consideration.

* MMF POS Market Research, 2015

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