Case Study

Pharmacy Reduces Fraud At The POS With Fingerprint Readers

Source: DigitalPersona / Crossmatch
Pharmacy Chains Expanding Use Of EHRs

A leading drug store chain with over 4,500 stores in the United States is using biometrics within their pharmacies, as well as at their point-of-sale (POS) terminals. By adding biometric support to their pharmacy dispensing system, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians use Crossmatch™ U.are.U ® Fingerprint Readers to sign on to the system and throughout the workflow process when filling prescriptions. This ensures the highest degree of accountability and accuracy for its customers.

After success in their pharmacies, the drug store chain expanded their use of fingerprint biometrics to all POS terminals. The use of fingerprint biometrics ensures proof of presence which increases accountability and reduces fraud. Additionally, since biometrics allow employees to efficiently log onto the POS terminal, they are able to more quickly assist customers.