Case Study

POS Integration Automates Customer Service, Compliance, And Reporting

Source: Celerant Technology Corporation

Tobin’s Pharmacy exploits the full functionality of its POS system to build on a century-old legacy of customer service.

Tobin’s Pharmacy is a bit of an anomaly, one that deserves a brief telling of its history. The family-owned, 101-year-old business in idyllic and serene Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is best described as a high-end department store that happens to feature a first-class pharmacy and hearing aid center. Unlike the typical “pharmacy in a convenience store” trend that shapes the cookie-cutter business approach taken by the national drugstore chains, Tobin’s combines fine jewelry and cosmetics, women’s and children’s apparel, home décor, Hallmark cards, kitchen gourmet, nutritional products and hearing aids with a high-tech pharmacy.

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