Predictive Analytics For Omni Channel Retailing

Source: Retalon

Predictive Analytics For Omni Channel Retailing

Retalon’s approach to Predictive Analytics for Retailers is truly integrated which significantly increases accuracy and results.

At Retalon we’ve developed predictive analytics technology for retailers for over 10 years, including smart fulfillment tools, price optimization, inventory management and more. Retailers should begin by getting a personalized analytic assessment. This will allow you to see exactly what kind of benefits you can expect from a retail predictive analytics solution. Retailers that are currently using smart fulfillment tools running on predictive analytics technology are seeing significant benefits such as 40% in inventory cost reduction, as well as a boost of 20% in sales in the same category.

You can either stay behind, react to your consumers, and changing technological trends while putting out fires, or you can use predictive analytics technology to stay ahead of your customers, and your competition. It looks like the most successful & influential retailers have already started to make the change. Will you?

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