News | June 9, 2009

Predictix, enStratus Manage SaaS In The Cloud

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies
Minneapolis, MN - June 9, 2009 - enStratus™ Networks announced today that Predictix has selected and deployed the enStratus Platform to manage its Software-as-a-Service merchandising solutions in the cloud. Predictix is leveraging enStratus to maximize the benefits of cloud computing, decrease IT hosting costs, increase security and improve scalability.

Predictix Planning, Pricing, Forecasting and Replenishment solutions provide retailers and brands more advanced and useable merchandising solutions with lower risk and more compelling economics than traditional software alternatives.

"Our solutions often have highly variable computing requirements," said Molham Aref, CEO of Predictix. "With cloud computing, we can scale this power on demand. The cost savings being realized with enStratus are substantial -- our hosting costs have dropped 80 percent."

enStratus provides Predictix the tools they need to set up, manage, configure and track its cloud infrastructure. To manage multiple clients in the cloud, Predictix would have needed to scale its staff or build its own management solution.

"What used to take our operation team hours in a traditional hosted environment - for example, to deploy a server - now takes minutes," commented Mr. Aref. "The enStratus tools have enabled us to automate many of our processes, and we also can better track client utilization levels and history."

For an additional level of security, enStratus has a configurable automated encryption system that enables total data security. enStratus also provides intrusion detection and has a "no credentials in the cloud" policy.

"We are excited to add Predictix to our growing list of Software-as-a-Service clients that are benefiting from the cloud and our solutions," added David Bagley, enStratus CEO. Predictix is a great example of a company that is leveraging the cloud to gain maximum financial and customer service benefits."

In the future, Predictix will work with enStratus to support multiple cloud providers for its software solutions. "With our global client base, Predictix wants to leverage multiple options for cloud infrastructures," said Mr. Aref. "Having enStratus support multiple cloud providers is a great benefit for us. We are able to focus on our business and clients, and continue to deliver high quality solutions as cloud computing expands."

About enStratus Networks
enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management platform for deploying and operating enterprise-class applications in the cloud. enStratus has a multi-cloud architecture that focuses on security and high availability for mission-critical web applications. We enable an enterprise to run applications that operate on sensitive data in a cloud infrastructure and exceed the service levels supported by the underlying cloud provider.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, enStratus serves a range of businesses across the United States. For more information, call 612-355-5273 or visit

About Predictix
With a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service consumer-centric merchandising solution suite, Predictix is changing the way retailers and brands invest in technology. Led by some of the retail industry's leading technologists and domain experts, Predictix developed and continually enhances its products to help retailers and brands make better decisions without taking on painful and potentially risky financial and time investments. Predictix Planning + Allocation, Pricing + Promotions, and Forecasting + Replenishment solutions are the new paradigm for consumer-centric merchandising technology, offering more advanced and useable tools at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Clients can access Predictix solutions securely over the web from anywhere, with no special hardware, no software to download, no hidden costs, and no long-term commitments. Learn more at