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Press Coffee Delivers A Personalized Experience With Mobile Ordering And Wireless Printers

Source: Epson America, Inc.
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SpeedETab and Epson TM-m30 wireless printers deliver a personalized mobile ordering experience with big brand benefits.

In 2008, Steve Kraus opened a specialty coffee roastery and café in Phoenix, Arizona. With the dream of creating a unique coffee experience and a love of craft on par with the most passionate sommeliers, Kraus and partners Jason Kyle and Alex Mason operate seven streetside cafes in the greater Phoenix area and a flagship roasting facility is underway. The regional roaster has been nationally recognized with Golden Bean Awards in 2018 and 2017 and as the best roast in the Southwest by Coffee Review (2017). Local awards include Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Best Cup of Coffee (2019, 2018), Phoenix Magazine’s Best Roaster (2017), and Phoenix New Times Best Coffee Roaster (2016, 2015). Today, patrons can order beans delivered to their door and even sign up for Coffee 101 tasting classes modeled after professional coffee tasting sessions.

Press Coffee’s owners understand the power of customer experience in building their brand. They also know that convenience is almost as important as the brew. So, when they heard about SpeedETab, a mobile ordering platform that provides enterprise-class ordering, analytics and engagement tools, they were all ears. Founded in 2015, SpeedETab now powers mobile ordering and payments at more than 1,500 U.S. locations, including Barnes & Noble Cafes, Panther Coffee, Gregorys Coffee and Toby’s Estate. “Until very recently, having your own mobile ordering application was reserved for enterprise brands that had the resources and capital to build a quality mobile experience,” noted SpeedETab CEO Adam Garfield. “We make it easy for SMBs and mid-market brands to compete by giving them an out-of-the box digital ordering solution that lets customers skip the line while personalizing the ordering and pickup experience.”

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