Article | June 18, 2019

Real Estate Tools And Software: 7 Best Tools To Boost Your Real Estate Business

By Ray Parker

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Managing your business requires proper tools and software. In the era of technology, when everything is being automated, businesses need to adopt them without thinking for a second. When it comes to real estate business, a plethora of tools and software can offer realtors a number of benefits. From lead generation to property management and video editing to expense tracking, these tools and software can help them without being laid off.

Opting the right tools will help realtors streamline their processes. To help you streamline your processes, we have compiled a list of some of the best tools and software that you can incorporate in your business. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Zillow Premier Agent

Capturing leads and finalizing the deal is the dream of every realtor. Zillow Premier Agent is one of the most recommended and highly reliable tools that allows agents to engage with millions of home buyers in one place. Approximately, the website drives more than 160 million visitors per month. Submit your listings on the platform and claim them that were uploaded from Zillow to your MLS. Your contact information will be placed in the upper right corner along with three other agents who will appear on the list.

For instance, if you are interested in listing JVC Apartment for Sale, Zillow Premier Agent is not going to disappoint you at all. Lead pipeline management, integrated client management, advertising and team management are some of the notable features of this software. Make sure to get your hands on Zillow Premier Agent and boost your business like never before.


RealScout is yet another great tool for real estate agents to do a safe search and nurture leads. The tool categorizes properties by 400 different criteria including high ceilings, number of bedrooms and waterfront location. The best part of RealScout is that emails sent looks like the realtor sends them directly. For busy real estate agents, RealScout is a great tool to collect leads and help boost the business by increasing the number of offers.

As far pricing is concerned, it does not seem to be heavy on the pocket. For individual agents, it costs around $39 per month, with features like a branded home search portal along with accurate MLS data. Some of the notable features that you can get hands-on RealScout are lead generation tools, lead sharing, and team functionality.

The broker package costs around $499 per month, with access to broker dashboard, user analytics, lead distribution tools, and agent management.


When talking about the best tools and software for real estate agents, Structurely is worth to mention. It incorporates the power of artificial intelligence in order to qualify leads with a chatbot called “Aisa Holmes”. When a potential customer tries to get in contact through a website, Aisa messages the lead within no time. It helps in answering relevant queries and offers to manage an appointment with the realtor. The best part is that the tool also has a mobile app which allows agents to stay connected to their leads on the go.

If an agent is busy with other work-related activities and can’t answer the queries of the client can easily hand over to the chatbot. The software is available in three different packages starting from $179 to $499 per month. However, if someone has special requirements, they can go for a custom package. The custom package is available for teams and big agencies.

RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile is one of the best tools that every realtor must try. It gives access to the Realtors Property Resource property database through the National Association of Realtors. RPR Mobile gives access to agents with school attendance zones, demographics, floor maps and much more. It allows quick and easy access to look up property and nearby information to send property reports to sellers or buyers on the go. Sending the mini reports to new leads is super easy with RPR mobile.


If you don’t like to spend money on these tools as a realtor, try Zumper for free. A great tool displays your listing on an attractive and user-friendly search site. It is similar to Trulia, PadMapper and other rental apps integrated with high-end features. The purpose of Zumper is to make the rental process easy.


Spacio is a great tool to spend some time as it allows realtors to verify the accuracy of visitor’s contact information and find the best one out there. Spacio helps you pull the social profiles for verified contacts and gives actionable insights to the realtors so that they can start a meaningful conversation with the customers.

Smarter Agent Mobile

Smarter Agent Mobile is a great app for real estate agents that offer plenty of features such as branding and listing for a minimal cost. Your qualified leads and potential clients can download the app from the app store to search recently sold listings and active listings from the MLS. Smarter Agent App costs approximately $49 per month along with a $50 setup fee. The app is designed for both teams and brokers that can cost them around $249 to $349 per month along with a setup fee of $275.

If you are a real estate agent and want to taste the success early on, make sure to go through this list of tools and software. Although they might look too expensive in the beginning, but would really benefit you in growing your business. Imagine qualifying several leads each month will not hurt you.