News | January 23, 2012

RedPrairie Commerce Cloud Takes Flight At NRF 2012

First cloud-based all-channel commerce offered as a hosted managed service brings the power of e-Commerce to the store for retailers

RedPrairie Corporation, a global supply chain and retail technology provider, recently introduced RedPrairie Commerce Cloud at the National Retail Federation's 101st Annual Retail Convention and Expo. RedPrairie Commerce Cloud is the first world-class, all-channel commerce platform hosted through a managed service offering that brings the power of e-Commerce to the retail store.

This out-of-the-box solution integrates several software modules on a single enterprise platform that previously were only available as separate solutions in the cloud – including Store Center, Call Center, e-Commerce, Business Intelligence and Embedded Order Management.

"Retailers today have multiple e-Commerce sites, call center applications, and of course retail stores that all need to connect with the customer where, when and how they want to shop," said Patrick Maley, RedPrairie's general manager, Commerce. "The multiple best-of-breed cloud-based solutions cobbled together to deal with these challenges have not been able to keep up with the transaction volume that today's retailers can generate through their emerging all-channel strategies. With RedPrairie Commerce Cloud, we are breaking down the brick wall between direct channels and the retail stores for the first time, enabling retailers to more effectively compete with the e-Commerce giants."

RedPrairie Commerce Cloud connects the global supply chain to the store network and online presence to help retailers ensure a great customer experience regardless of which channel they are using. For instance, its embedded order management capabilities provide visibility and management of orders throughout the order lifecycle.

"No longer are we selecting a set of platforms and technologies to launch a site; we are now selecting technologies that can support marketing, shopping, buying, and service capabilities across a multitude of enabled customer touchpoints," Brian K. Walker wrote in Forrester Research Inc.'s "The Agile Commerce Platform" report in October 2011. "These touchpoints include the Web, mobile web, apps, kiosks, call center interfaces, point of sale, and a wide range of emerging interactive touchpoints such as interactive TV and even appliances or consumer products. eBusiness professionals must empower their developers, businesspeople, and partners to innovate and optimize the customer experience in and across these touchpoints, creating opportunities to drive profitable business growth. This will be done by leveraging an agile commerce platform, one which can be exposed through services, managed in the cloud, and extended to support changing business needs over time."

Hosting for RedPrairie Commerce Cloud is provided in state-of-the-art data centers by SAVVIS, a CenturyLink Company and global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions. As a hosted, managed service solution, RedPrairie Commerce Cloud provides retailers with an option to grow the IT resources their business needs at their own pace. RedPrairie's Service Level Agreements (SLAs) also provide retailers a single source of accountability for uptime to help guarantee customers will have access when and where they want to shop.

"RedPrairie has been providing hosted solutions to its customers for more than 12 years," said John Kopcke, chief technology officer of RedPrairie. "Retailers today don't want to be in the business of managing hardware and software. They want to be in the business of providing the best service possible to customers for the greatest possible positive impact on their sales revenue. RedPrairie Commerce Cloud is a world-class all-channel solution for the enterprise that takes IT infrastructure to the cloud and frees retailers up to sell, regardless of what channels their customers are shopping through."

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SOURCE: RedPrairie Corporation