Magazine Article | April 22, 2011

Research & Trends: Refocus, Reposition, And Regrow Your Business

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Rick Segel

Is your business strong, is your customer base expanding, and are your margins and cash flow healthy? Is your website generating additional leads and bringing new people into the store, and are you starting to develop a small but lucrative online business?

Or, are you having larger numbers of customers than in the past leaving the store without buying? Are some of your best customers still coming in, but not as frequently? Are you hearing about other stores from your customers that you have never heard about before? When you read your Web reports, are you seeing more and more people only visiting your home page and then leaving? Are you answering people who ask you about social media that "you don't do it or believe in it" and think it's just a fad? Lastly, do you think that texting is just for kids?