News | February 4, 2011

Retail Business Management Suit Brings European Success To North American Markets

Changing How Retailers Do Business – Spectrum Launches In North America

Building on its success in Europe, Criti launched its flagship product, Spectrum, in North America. Unveiling its next-gen retail suit at the National Retail Federation's (NRF) "Big Show" before 21,000 attendees in NY on January 11, Criti paved the way for US sales and reaped the rewards of an immediate fore into South America and continued expansion in Europe.

According to Chinar Desphande, CEO, Criti, Inc., "Spectrum, our all-encompassing retail suit, showed its value and demand by leveraging the potential of mobile based solutions to enhance tomorrow's customer experience. During the two days of the NRF expo interest grew with regards to the products' mobile computing capability on the iPad, iPhone and Android platforms."

Spectrum has been hugely successful in both Europe and Africa, having been implemented by Premaman (a 350 store retailer with locations in 50 countries) in stores in Belgium, France, Ireland and Morocco.

"Using Spectrum the level of information that is now available to the cashier all the way back to the president is astounding. In one simple-to-use software, we now provide customer service and planning that we had only dreamt of in the past." Ronan McGlade, Owner and Spectrum user, Premaman, Ireland.

"The momentum and success we've seen with Premaman is clearly an indication that Spectrum is a game-changer for retailers worldwide. The built-in internationalization of the product – it's multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities enhance its global effectiveness as made evident by the fact that Spectrum will be heading to South America to streamline one South American retailer's business," said Depshande.

Spectrum is an IBM certified and PCI compliant next-generation software suite that empowers retailers to rapidly and easily execute strategies, drive sales, enrich customer experience and immediately improve profitability. From simplicity at the point of sale to the complexity of a complete company overview with the mere click of a mouse – Spectrum is the future of retail.

Criti Inc. is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, and is the commercial subsidiary of Creative Information Technology (CITI) USA.

SOURCE: Criti, Inc.