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Retail Never Dies: Reflexis Gives You The Gadgets To Save The Day

Source: Reflexis Systems, Inc.
Retail Bond

The James Bond of Retail has always been on Her Majesty’s Retail Service. He is there at the right place and at the right time to ensure that stores run smoothly, associates are well trained, and that customers have a great experience. Today, 007 has a secret weapon at his disposal, designed and developed by Q, the Head of Research & Development, to unleash the power of James and his team.

But this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when customers would show up and be left waiting for help. A time when his fellow Agents at other stores, 006, 008, and 009, were left out in the cold not knowing when they had to be on their assignment and get tasks done. A time when Bond’s villains, Dr. No Labor and ShrinkFinger, could deploy diabolically evil schemes and bring upon suboptimal store conditions such as poor signage or empty shelves without M, the Head of Retail Operations, noticing.

An Agent’s job, first and foremost, is to serve Her Majesty. For James, that means making sure that each of Her Majesty’s subjects are happy with their experience visiting her chain of gift shops. This is only possible if associates were out on the store floor, available when customers needed them.

This had, over the past few years, become a problem. As MI6’s systems got more complex, corporate directors ended up spending more time sitting in their offices, reading through reports and doing non-value busy work that interfered with the primary mission of taking care of the customer. James needed a solution, so he met with Q.